Anytime is a great time for ice cream. For   years Mallard Ice Cream has been answering the call. Located at 1323 Railroad Avenue all the frozen goodness is crafted onsite with only best of ingredients.

Variety is the spice of life, and at the parlor there is plenty to choose from. Classic flavors are both nostalgic and tasty. Friendly arguments break out between siblings living in Bellingham over which is better, Super Vanilla or Super Chocolate. Other signature scoops available every day include Mint Oreo, Root Beer, Cookies and Cream and Coconut Chocolate Chunk with Almonds.

Residents Living in Bellingham Chill Out

Rotating flavors are eagerly anticipated on the Bellingham property. Customers love a generous double scoop of Chocolate Malt. Step into the tropics with Coconut Flake with Rum. Fruity flavors are sought after especially Lemon Cheesecake, Fresh Blackberry and Mulberry. Swanky Nerds combines Strawberry and Blackberry with Nerds candy and is a favorite of youngsters. Dairy free options are definitely delicious. Non-Dairy Sorbet comes in six distinct flavors including Fresh Blackberry Hibiscus Ice.

Mallard Ice Cream cares about the local Washington community. Always willing to lend a hand for a good cause the company supports the arts and other non-profit organizations and programs. A stalwart part of the neighborhood Mallard Ice Cream is often out and about in Elizabeth Park scooping cones during their summer concert series. Stop by for some ice cream.