Dock picture in Bellingham


Bellingham Washington is one of those truly special places. If you look at us on a map, you'll notice that we're right on the coast of Western Washington. To the East, we have Mount Baker and to the West is the ocean and the San Juan Islands. What we are is a city built in a forest with a ton to do for the nature lover, people who want the amenities of a large city without the stress and it is even great for hermits!

The ocean provides us with a great deal of both leisure and industry. On the south side of the city is the Alaska Ferry Terminal where commercial fishers and travelers can make the long voyage up to Alaska. It is also great for shipping and receiving of cargo. If you walk around the harbor, you'll notice hundreds of yachts and sailboats for going out in the Puget Sound which is an ocean with usually calm waters. Besides boating, one can take a kayak, canoe or paddle board along the coast all the way to Larabee State Park and beyond.

Larabee is a gorgeous park where one moment, you're in a forest and the next, you're on a beach. It is located on the south side of Bellingham and is great for hiking, picnics and even weddings! Besides Larabee, we also have Whatcom Falls Park which is litereally a forest and river running through the middle of the city. It has miles of trails which are great for hiking, walking the dogs and getting away. There is also the Interurban Trail which runs the length of Bellingham and snakes throughout the city if one wants to go on a long hike or mountain biking.

We also have the arts as well as food and entertainment. The first Friday of the month is an art crawl downtown where artists come out and show their wears. In fact, we almost always have something going on during the weekends for people to check out. There are also many wonderful restaurants in the city and along the waterfront. We are also home to a dozen award winning brew pubs for the beer aficionados.

There is literally hundreds more things to be done here whether it's for someone going for a degree at the University or the colleges to people who are looking to retire. We're also 20 short minutes from the border with Canada. Check us out! It's a great place to make your home!